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How to easily discover topics for great content

When producing content for clients where you may not know the industry intimately a good place to start is Google Trends.

I like to keep things simple, both at my digital marketing company and here with Ian at SEO Cheat Guides. So we try to find simple ways to accomplish important tasks for clients.

This post should help you accomplish two seemingly unrelated tasks with one free tool.

Like all other tools provided, Google Trends is a HUGE source of fantastic information. By tapping into it when you are looking to create content you can easily identify related topics and queries and what is trending in the industry. Very handy when creating content for an industry you don’t know well.

What better place to find relevant content and keywords than the global leader (and part time pain in the ass) in Google?

Wikepedia says the Google Trends is a tool “that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.”

In essence you can perform more targeted and segmented Keyword research and find related topics that are currently trending (which much like our Buzz Sumo guide can drastically increase your chances of your content being widely read).

You can literally hone in on what is working and trending in real time (where else are you going to get this volume of relevant information at your fingertips?).

The important factor to remember here is that you are going to want to be strategic about the search term you input. You are going to want to use the keyword planner to ensure that you have a strong keyword. This will increase your chances of finding other similar (and relevant) keywords/content.

Have a look for a second at our screenshot for the keyword ‘plumbing’ (no I didn’t run this through keyword planner first…but you should).

Step 7

You will note that you can find the geographic locations where this search term is trending but you’ll also find related topics that are trending (great for relevant content) and related queries (and for finding other great keywords to target).

The best part is that you can download the results into a CSV file (note the red arrows) and analyze the data in any way you want (you can say goodbye to A LOT of time doing this if you’re not careful because there is just SO much good information here).

This really is a phenomenal resource that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Check out our guide to Google Trends and have your VA put the information together for you!


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